by Heavens Die

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released October 26, 2015

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Levi Miller at Front and Center Recordings

Art by Madi Matthews



all rights reserved


Heavens Die Winchester, Virginia

Est. 2015



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Track Name: Filth of Ages
Foul I to
Fountain fly
Wash me clean
Lest I die
Track Name: Agonizer
If you want to live, step aside, mother fucker
I've got no more patience for your bullshit anymore
I'm full of more hatred than I ever thought possible
The barrel is pointed your way

Just give me a reason to swing
I'm not fucking joking
If you ever cause her grief
I'll beat your face with a bat and feed your flesh to the rats

Tear you limb from limb
Resigned to my sin

Foreign contagions fill my systems
Pervading my chest cavity
Fever heat perilous levels
Delivering me unto evil

Absolution relinquished
All life diminished
Let me be damned for her
I, the agonizer

The wolf hunts with the pack
I'm not coming back

I will not return
I go to burn
I lost my life's love
Now I am not enough
Track Name: Constructs of Culture
Why does this life
Make me feel like
Like I'm being dragged
Forever from the light?

Dragged by the ankles just below the surface
Mouth full of dirt, vision distorted
No fucking respite, no fucking peace
No way to be fucking free

Freedom, liberty, American pipe dreams
Constructs, lies, smoke screens, fallacies
Independence, strength, pride, society
Sinking sand, rotting flesh, traitors, thieves
Track Name: The River
Drown me in the river
Because I don't want to feel
The backbreaking shiver
Of life anymore

I'm sorry
I'm lost

In these waters I was made
In these waters I was raised
This current I will follow
Until my dying day
Track Name: Wrath
Darkening skies
Maddening minds
Sweating hate
I'm angry today


And I wonder
Do the gods
Know how it feels
To be a man?

I'm not dead yet
I sometimes wish I was
Track Name: Only God Forgives
Free at last

People are not things to reap for your pleasure
Girls and boys are not meat to rape and murder
Gather to me, brothers and sisters
The past is the past but we decide the future

These wounds
May never heal
That's alright
At least I feel

While you lie awake
Your soul will ache
Pray for death
To stay away

Pray to God
Die in hatred
How do I forgive
A fucking rapist?

Only God forgives